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Utah Private Security License Basic:

The state of Utah requires all persons employed in security to be trained (by registered qualifying trainers) and licensed.

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Utah Private Security License Armed:

All security officers carrying a firearm in the state of Utah must be trained (by qualifying registered qualifying trainers) and licensed.


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Firearm Qualification:

Armed Security Officers must qualify with their firearm of choice, should the officer choose to carry another type of firearm, on duty, they can re-qualify with us.


Security Quarterly Continuing Education:

All unarmed security officers must complete 4 hours of continuing education every three month/quarterly.

Security Quarterly Continuing Education (Armed):

All armed security officers must complete and additional 4 hours of continuing education every three month/quarterly, by a registered or qualified instructor. 


Concealed Firearm Permit:

Adaptive Defense provides the required training to legally conceal a firearm for the states of Utah, Arizona and Maine.

Our concealed firearm training is designed to equip you with the knowledge to safely conceal and use a loaded firearm, so you can be a first defender, not a victim.

Our class is welcoming to those who have never fired a gun before and will provide opportunities for those who want to take their firearm skill sets to new levels.



Investigation High Priority: (Services provided through Doddridge Detective Agency)

When it comes to private investigation there are cases that are high priority, these cases are either time sensitive, hostile or require very technical skill sets. 



Investigation Priority: (Services provided through Doddridge Detective Agency)

Every case is a priority and we will deliver very professional service to meet your needs.



Executive Close Protection:

When it comes to feeling threatened there is no better feeling then to have formidable agents that provide advanced details to assure threats are not present at intended locations. Protection agents can also provide vigilant surveillance around your home perimeter so client/principles can sleep in peace. Agents are also trained to handle hostile domestic/protection from abuse, as well as the termination/firing of hostile employees.



First Defender Handgun Training Phase1:

First defenders are security professionals that are defending people, security posts or geographical area, until first responders arrive. Adaptive Defense Ops is now opening the training to civilians; concealed firearm permit holders can now receive professional training. The training will cover basic handgun, defensive/deescalating tactics, and use of concealment and cover techniques.



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