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Adaptive Defense Ops specializes in training and licensing first defenders:


Private Security Officers

Bail Enforcement Agents

Executive and Close Protection Agents

Private Investigators


The training focuses on helping to keep first defenders and client/principals away from danger and to stay alive in hostile situations. 


Adaptive Defense Ops is now being opened up to civilian participants interested in developing or improving strategic and tactical skill sets.


Participants will learn handgun, rifle and shotgun manipulation, malfunction clearing, and strong/support hand use. Participants will experience range time that includes, shoot house scenarios, draw and fire, and firing on the move techniques. The training is designed to acclimate the student to being a first defender.



Concealed Firearm Permit

States: Utah, Arizona, Maine

Adaptive Defense provides the required training to legally conceal a firearm.

Our concealed firearm training is designed to equip you with knowledge to safely conceal and use a loaded firearm. Be a first defender, not a victim!

Our class is welcoming to those who have never fired a gun before and will provide opportunities for those with experience, who want to take their firearm skill sets to new levels.


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